Indra’s Billiards (re-recorded)


BTBB returns from the void with a set of warm, spacy, moody goa. Carom through the cosmos on a mission to the galactic core, hitting some lesser known spheres of trance along the way. Featuring tracks by Juno Reactor, Mathuresh, Rainbow Spirit, Green House Effect, Vaporum, Controlled Fusion, OVNI, Youth, Aeternum, Ubar Tmar, Klinik, The Infonaut, Mr. Beam, and Digital Sun.

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Entry #3: Marsh – Enik’s Mind Control



Marsh of Goat Ranch shows us a different side of his playing than usual with this set of tweaked-and-freaked slow goa jams. 100% Weird!

As a fellow music site ( operator, I expect that I may be ineligible to win the CD but I just couldn’t pass up the chance to put together a mix for this!

This mix is quite a departure from those I’ve done in the past, but the opportunity–nay, encouragement–to use some of the eclectic and less well-known tracks appearing herein was not something I could easily ignore. While it’s not quite downtempo in the strict sense of the word, it is on the slower side of the spectrum and I’d expect to hear something like this as an opening set of a party.

We’ve got tracks of varying genre flavor from as far back as 1994 on up to ’99, and I attempted to include a heavy dose of heady lysergified psychedelia while still keeping the groovy side of things moving (mostly).

Special thanks goes to BBB for providing me the opportunity to put a bunch of tracks that I adore into a single mix, when previously I’ve had a really tough time fitting any one of them into more conventional sets!


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Entry #2: Aldo – Milestones


The second entry in the Ubarpedia contest is a blend of progressive and Goa culled from memorable moments at parties throughout the years. Smooth, breezy, and cool, just right for the middle of summer.

The mix I want to share with you is a very personal one for me. I scanned my complete collection in order to extract 12 very special tracks – released between 1996-2010. Each of them triggered extraordinary emotions when I faced them the first time – mostly on a dancefloor…not behind the turntables or at home. You all may know these kind of personal “milestones”: you may hear them many many times – over many many years…and you always get a kind of intense emotional déjà-vu – goose pimples included.

The mix starts with some classic Trance-focused tracks and morphs after the first half into unpolished Goa-Trance of “the golden era”. It´s an 80-minutes mix…suitable for burning an audio CD.

Equipment used: 2x Pioneer CDJ100 + Ecler SMAC Pro20

Hope you enjoy it!

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New ways to tune in


Just a mini-update to let you know that we now have a Facebook and Tumblr page. I’ll be posting links and commentary from time to time on FB, and spamming a bunch of music I like on Tumblr; follow me on those sites for your semi-regular fix of proto-psychedelia.

The banner art on both pages is taken from an original piece by Syonix, who generously donated his talent and hard work back in 2012 for the BTBB party. Go check out his art at!

Things are a bit hectic at the moment, as I’ve just returned to school. When I have the time and am in the right mental space, I hope to get a couple more mixes in the bag, including one of traditional (but less ‘known’) Goa Trance. Til then!

– Blair

Fanfare Of Life


Continuing from where “In Advance” left off, here we have a celebration of the early morning, post-acid-meltdown, outdoor party sound. Colorful and catchy melodies and uplifting tribal rhythms predominate; play after sunrise and soak up the positive vibes.

Tracks from 1984-1990; special thanks to Hardoff and DJ Ray Castle.

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In Advance Of The Landing


For this excursion, we’re delving into the peak-time sound of the night, with a selection for the 4AM-5:30 slot. Defying convention along with gravity, this is music for drawing down the UFO. Survivors of the trip will be rewarded with a sweet sunrise at the end, but we haven’t seen the last of our visitors… keep watching the skies.

Tracks from 1983-1990; special thanks to Celestial Object and DJ Laurent.

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Entry #1: Panoramix – Ubarpediastical Conversions


Coming to us from DJ Panoramix, the first entry in the Mix-Off is a spicy stew of acidic Goa and funk-flavored psytrance, with just a dash of secret sauce. Dementedly delicious!

Hi there, I’m Panoramix, a Belgian psychedelic freak who loves to spin some records at home and private parties from time to time 🙂

For this DJ-contest, I tried to create an atmosphere in my mix that captures the true madness of Goa-Trance in its rather experimental form. Without using tracks of Ubar Tmar I hope to give an image of artists who tend to focus a bit less on melodies, but try to create a true psychedelic experience.

This set starts with a couple of tracks from the early 2000’s that are written by artists that can be linked with the infamous ‘Suomisaundi’, but still have an ‘oldschoolish’ touch (although in a very experimental form). After this experimental ear-candy the music evolves to more melodic madness and even pure Trance in the end.

The mixing is technically not perfect, but that is never the main focus in my sets. I try to create stories that bring people in touch with lesser known & even a bit unconventional tracks.

Anyway, time to listen to some music 😀 I really hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed constructing it.

Ubarpedia Mix-Off!


No fooling, you can win a real copy of the uber-psychedelic Ubarpedia!

One of the most eclectic and adventurous — not to mention banging — releases of the last few years, Ubar Tmar’s Ubarpedia encompasses remixed versions of familiar stormers (CD1), all-new and unreleased material (CD2), and one hell of a crazy extended jam (CD3). While other established artists have streamlined and simplified their music for wider appeal, Takeshi has been running in the opposite direction, consistently upping the challenge since his debut in the late nineties. The resulting works can’t always be assimilated in the first listen, but for those who like the deeper end of the psychedelic pool, they’re always worth dipping into.

The discs have seen only minimal wear and tear, and come with the original Japanese booklet. In order to part with my lovely copy, I’ll need at least eight entries; hopefully there will be a lot more! To sweeten the pot, two runner-ups will receive a ‘mystery’ prize; not quite as plush as Ubarpedia, but I think you’ll be fairly happy with it.

To enter the contest, simply make a killer psychedelic dance mix, and send it to me through the form marked ‘Submissions’ at the top of the page.

Here’s some other guidelines you’ll want to follow:

* This contest is multi-genre. While you most certainly can use Goa trance, you can also use practically any style, whether that’s techno, trance, experimental, or that collection of early seventies space disco in your great-uncle’s attic.

* I’m especially keen on hearing: 1. retro sets, natch; and 2. new music that somehow has an ‘old school’ feeling. For the former, think pre-2000 as a general guideline. The latter is, of course, totally subjective, and I won’t try to dictate the terms of it. On the contrary, I want your personal definition.

* The focus should be on rhythmic electronics. Some beatless/non-danceable music is fine, and can even add a lot to a set, but use it at your own discretion. Similarly, non-electronic music, like rock or tribal, can be incorporated, just as long as there’s a good helping of beats and synths in the mix overall.

* The minimum length is 60 minutes (no maximum).

* Include in your description of the mix: who you are, what sort of music to expect, and why you chose it, along with any other details you find relevant.

* Format: your mix must be encoded in 320K MP3.

* Only one mix per contestant.

* The deadline for submissions is September 20, 2014.

A few additional hints:

* Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mix things up, stylistically or chronologically. Throw in that track you always wanted to, but never thought it would “fit”. Dig deep, go obscure, get playful.

* Mix at a level you’re comfortable with. A well-programmed set is of the essence; flashiness isn’t. If you’re a deck wizard by nature, go for it! But don’t think that you have to load up your mix with tricks to get it noticed. Often, less is more.

* Play what you love! A set mixed with passion will almost always beat one without.

Disclaimer: Because of the eclectic nature of this contest, I absolutely reserve the right to compare apples and oranges. 🙂 My final choice will be completely subjective.

Good luck!

Global Goa Party 4



Next month, the Goat Ranch and host a fifteen hour soiree of old-school Goa!

For those who are new to the concept, the Global Goa Party is a ‘virtual party’, themed around a particular year of Goa trance. Previous events covered 1999, 96, and 98, and now, it’s the chance for the classics of 1995 (and earlier) to have their place in the limelight. Back when ‘psychedelic trance’ was fresh on everyone’s lips and Goa was a global buzzword, this music broke the ground for a still-nascent genre. There’s a lot of love for the parties of 1995, for those fortunate enough to have lived through them; for those who entered the scene too late to experience it for themselves (raises hand), this is the best way short of a time machine.

Every DJ is contributing a mix appropriate to their timeslot; on the date of the party, all of the mixes will be played back-to-back on the goa/psy channel, representing the arc of a full night and morning. I’m playing the opening set, starting at 8PM UK time; that’s 12PM Western, 3PM Eastern for us septics. 🙂

I hope you can make it! April 5 will be a day/night to remember.

Revolutions reloaded


It’s been a while, but I’m finally posting a new mix! Er, sort of a new mix. 🙂

One mix that I was never happy with was ’33 Revolutions Part 2′. After adding a few tracks to my collection, and a bit of playing around with the set list, the idea of a rework started to click, and I was able to re-record it. The new mix fixes the more glaring flow and transition issues that the old one had, and better reflects the progression of 90s psy-trance.

With five new tracks — check the playlist! — it’s like a completely different mix. This time, I took a looser approach to phrasing, and focused less on particular details than on the overall mood of the mix and the story I wanted to tell. The result is a mix that, while still rough around the edges, is IMHO one of my better attempts at mixing Goa. Hits the spot, or loses the plot? You decide.

Download or stream: [audio